Making a flower crown or wreath

In my blog post regarding Imbolc, I mentioned I was going to post a tutorial on how to create a flower crown. Here it is! I’m actually writing this article whilst making my very first flower crown, so if this post gets published, it means I was successfull. Now I wanted to make an Imbolc-themed flower crown in regard to the colours of the flowers… Yeah, I didn’t do that, I know. But the light pink flowers just looked so perfect with the baby’s breath… You can obviously use any flowers and colours you want.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Flowers (duh). As I said, any colour or type will do. I also recommend using some type of greenery If you so please.
  2. Florist’s tape. I bought some at my local florist for 50 cents per metre. If you can’t get any, you can also use wire.
  3. Wire. You can use it to form the headband and/or to wrap the flowers around. I’m actually trying to not use wire – the stems of the baby’s breath are pretty flexible so I’m trying to use them to form the headband. Just do as you like!
  4. Ribbons, bows etc. Those things are not necessary but you can use them to decorate your flower crown if you want to!
  5. Scissors to cut the flowers.

Step 1: cutting the flowers to the right length

As I mentioned, I’m trying to use a stem of baby’s breath as a headband. So I’m taking the longest one and cutting of the shorter stems, except the one at the very top. You can also cut the other flowers to the right length: leave some of the stem to tape on the headband.

Step 2: forming the headband

I had to use two stems of baby’s breath so it had the right width. Just connect them with the tape. Don’t worry if it looks a little wonky and not like a perfect circle, it won’t matter once you add the flowers. If you’re using wire, cut it to the right length and form your circle, making sure to form the ends so they won’t poke you in the head!

Step 3: adding flowers

Now you have your headband – the hardest part is done! You just want to take the flowers (cut them to the right length if you haven’t already) and add them onto the headband. I made sure to take turns with the flowers so it’s nice and even.

Step 4: finishing the flower crown

Once you made your way around the circle, it’s time to finish it. Now, it’s basically inevitable that there will be a gap at the end because you have to wrap the tape around. If it bothers you, you could place a ribbon or bow there to close the gap. If it doesn’t, you could just place it at the back of your head. And that’s it!

This is what my finished flower crown looks like! I love how it turned out and it went much quicker and easier as I thought.

If you want to make a wreath instead, it’s basically the same – just make sure that the flowers face upwards and not outwards.

Now I’m going to proceed with my Imbolc celebrations and you better believe that I’ll feel like a fairy during my rituals!

If you want to keep the flowers from wilting right away, you can spray the flower crown with hairspray. Also, make sure to keep them cool! Maybe place them in the fridge over night.

I actually pressed the leftover flowers and I’m soon going to show you how to make your very own flower press at home!

I wish you all a blessed Imbolc!

See you soon.

1 Kommentar zu „Making a flower crown or wreath

  1. So pretty, my sister and I do this too but yours is lovely!


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