Beltane 2019

As the counterpart of Samhain, Beltane marks the beginning of summer. It is typically celebrated on the evening of april 30th to the first of may. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals. In this post, I will share with you what you can do to celebrate Beltane!

Honour the people in your life

Whilst Samhain is all about remembering and celebrating those who have died and passed the veil, Beltane is about showing love and gratitude to people who are dear to you. Spend time with your family, partner or friends, give them small gifts or simply tell them you are thankful for having them in your life! But Beltane is also about selflove. So on this day, do things that make you happy and that are good for you!

Spend time outside

As Beltane marks the beginning of summer, you could go for a walk and look for blossoming trees and flowers. This can also be done with a partner!

Feast of fire

On Beltane, livestock used to be driven out to their summer pastures. To protect them from harm, big bonfires were lit. You can still do this today or if you can’t light a whole bonfire, you can still light candles and ask for protection.


A commonly practiced tradition is building a may pole and dancing around it. If you don’t know, a maypole is a tall wooden pole that is erected and decorated with flowers, garlands and ribbons. Maypoles are traditionally erected in germanic countries. If you can’t build a life-sized maypole, you can also make a miniature one if you like!

Time for creativity

Beltane is widely associated with creativity, so you might want to draw, craft or build something! To match the feeling of Beltane, it could be something with flowers, but that’s totally up to you.

Time of fertility

Beltane is also the time of fertility. You can perform spells and rituals regarding fertility, or you can fertilize your plants and plant some seeds!

Making a flower crown

In my opinion, making a flower crown is suitable for all ocasions. Typical flowers to use for Beltane are violets, roses and marigold, mint, or what ever flower is blossoming right now.

Decorating your altar

For this, you can use the flowers I listed above. Typical colours for Beltane are green, red, yellow, gold and silver. Animals that are associated with Beltane are bees, cows, eagles, foxes and frogs.

Baking and cooking

Traditional foods for Beltane are eggs, milk, oats, berries, lamb and chicken. If you are a kitchen witch, I’m sure you can cook some great meals using these ingredients!

I hope you can celebrate a great Beltane! I will try to upload new posts more frequently but I was and will be incredibly busy the next few weeks. I’ll do my best.

Have a blessed Beltane!


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