Practicing in secret

For many witches, it might not be possible or advisable to openly practice witchcraft. This might be due to a young age, still living with family, and especially when that family ist religious. This is not to say that all religious people are against witchcraft – there are many religious people that are witches themselves.

What ever might be the reason, for some witches it might be impossible or even dangerous to practice openly. This can bei really hard for the witch, because especially as a beginner witch, practice is key. It also is part of one’s identity and having to hide that is never easy.

However, do not loose hope or give up witchcraft alltogether – there are many possibilities to practice in secret! Today I am sharing some of them with you.


No one will get suspicious if you light candles. But there are many great ways to use candles in your craft. You can even use scented candles instead of burning inscense, which might be a bit more obvious.

Use a diary

If you have a book of shadows or use a journal as part of your craft, mask it as a diary and maybe even put a lock on it. That way you can ensure that no one reads your notes and having a diary is not suspicious.

Tin altars

Having an altar seems like one of the most obvious things you can do to practice witchcraft and maybe even honour deities. But having a full blown altar in your room is not a good idea if you want to hide the fact that you are a witch. But there are great ways to create a miniature altar in a tin! You can find great inspirations on the Internet!

Shower Magic

Even when you might not be able to practice openly in your room, I guess you have some privacy when you use the bathroom to take a shower or a bath. You can use that privacy to perform cleansing rituals and other forms of shower magic. I plan to write an article about this soon!


If you’re into drawing sigils, you can try drawing them with several things:

  • Lemon juice: this will go invisible when it drys
  • Honey or Milk: If you’re adding milk or honey to your drink or food, you can draw a sigil with it and afterwards stirr the drink or food so the sigil disappears.


Meditation is a great way to get to know yourself and what you want. It is also great to calm down and relax, which are reasons you can use to justify meditating if you have to.

Kitchen magic

If you are a kitchen witch and using herbs in your craft, you can mask it by saying you just really like cooking. You can stir your food clockwise to draw in things and counterclockwise to banish things. Honestly, no one will think anyhing of how you stir your food.

These are my tips to practice in secret. I know that it’s hard and it would be so much nicer to be able to practice openly, but in the end it’s better to be safe than sorry! Don’t do anything that could put you in danger!

I wish you all good luck and a blessed full moon!

1 Kommentar zu „Practicing in secret

  1. This is such a sweet post! And just how I started too 🙂


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