Litha 2019

As we’re already halfway through june, another festival of the wheel of the year is approaching. This time, it’s Litha for the northern hemisphere and Yule for the southern hemisphere.

Litha is the summer solstice and marks the longest day and the shortest night of the year. This is around the 20.-23. of june. Afterwards, the days will gradually get shorter. Litha is sometimes referred to as ‚midsummer‘ and is traditionally celebrated in Europe, especially in scandinavian countries.

Today I will share with you ways to celebrate Litha!

Sun rituals

As it’s literally the longest day and therefore the longest sun to shine, holding a sun ritual seems obvious as the sun is most potent on that day. Litha itself literally means ‚light‘. You can search for sun rituals on the internet, or you could just sunbathe to take in the suns energy and to cleanse yourself. You could also charge your crystals or whatever items you’d like.


Bonfires have traditionally been held on the summer solstice. Afterwards,the ashes would bei spread on the fields to ensure a good harvest. But there are more rituals involving bonfires. I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home, but some couples jump over the bonfire to ask for protection. It’s also common to hand things that are no longer of use for you into the fire. As always when working with fire, be careful and especially if you are a minor, don’t do it without the help of an adult person.

Making a flower crown

To me, this really is a thing that fits every festival on the wheel of the year. You can use flowers that are in season and especially those that represent the festival. In the case of Litha, that would be lavender, roses, sunflowers and chamomile. While making the flower crown, you can weave your intentions for the upcoming time and make a wish upon it. Then you can either burn the flower crown in your bonfire, or put it under your pillow over night. In scandinavian countries where this is traditional, it is said that if you put it under your pillow, you dream of your future spouse.

If you’ve never made a flower crown before, I actually have a tutorial on my blog!

Perform healing rituals

Litha is the perfect time to perform healing rituals for your self or others. This, too, is due to the potent energy of the sun. I am not yet experienced in healing rituals, but I’m sure you can find something on the internet.

Practice selfcare

This is similar to the healing process, but Litha is also a time for selfcare and growth. Use the day to take care of your self, do things that make you feel good. Take a bath, spend time outside and away from your phone, cleanse your room or your house, excercise or meditate on you intentions for the upcoming period of time until the next festival. What ever feels good to you, now is the time to embrace it.

Decorating your altar

As always, decorating your altar belongs on this list. If you have one, you can use the flowers I mentionend earlier. Herbs and plants like thyme and oranges fit, too. Traditional colours for Litha would be white, red, blue, green and purple.

This will be my first time celebrating Litha so I hope I can make the best of it! I wish you all a blessed summer solstice.

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